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Tracey Allard (she/her) Strategist, Coach, Trainer, Facilitator

Visionary, brave, strategic racial equity and social impact leader, consultant, and coach. "This is not a small voice you hear..." (Sonia Sanchez)

I spot and imagine radical possibilities, and then purposefully create opportunities to catalyze and manifest them. All of my work is executed through a lens of racial equity, with a particular emphasis on dismantling anti-Blackness and uplifting BIPOC leadership in social change.

My Work Aims To:

  • Center communities that have been most systemically oppressed and marginalized.

  • Uplifting the humanity, joy, and connectedness of Black people and People of Color.

  • Contributing to a world that provides us all with care, protection, wonderment, and paths to personal well-being and collective success.

  • Believing that this work must radiate from the inside-out. We cannot outsource anti-racism.

  • Advocating for an intentionally equitable ecosystem that elevates trust, respect, and investment in community voice, experience, and wisdom.


A sassy, passionate, compassionate, and brave dedication to the learning, unlearning, healing, and repair that foster positive change. I call on both heart and mind to decelerate affliction and to accelerate reckoning and understanding.

Intentional Client Partners:

Select organizations, teams, individuals, and small affinity groups that center social change. Aligned prospective clients have already made progress on anti-racism change/repair/healing journeys, and are seeking to go deeper — with honesty, accountability, and courage. In other words, I partner with those who do the work even when no one is looking.


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Coaching Toward Anti-Racist Leadership & Solidarity

Dismantling Institutional Anti-Blackness

Envisioning Strategic Organizational Direction

Building Team Alignment & Success

Anchoring in Shared Values & Positive Culture

Harnessing BIPOC Solidarity

Designing & Facilitating Workshops + Trainings

In development: The People's School

In development: Leadership & Love



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